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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Apigee’s API resource file limits?

API proxy resource file size (such as XSL, JavaScript, Python, or JAR files). Note: This limit counts against the Developers per organization limit. A common API pattern is to fetch large amounts of data, such as images, documents, or plain text/JSON. For data sizes greater than 10 MB, Apigee recommends a signed URLs pattern.

How do I enforce monetization limits with Apigee X?

View Apigee X documentation. Attach the Monetization Limits Check policy to API proxies to enforce monetization limits. Specifically, the policy is triggered under the following conditions:

What is the spikearrest limit for my API?

The SpikeArrest limit should be close to capacity calculated for either your backend service or the API proxy itself. The limit should also be configured for shorter time intervals, such as seconds or minutes.

What are the apiapigee edge traffic management policies?

Apigee Edge provides three mechanisms that enable you to optimize traffic management to minimize latency for apps while maintaining the health of backend services. Each policy type addresses a distinct aspect of traffic management. In some cases, you might use all three policy types in a single API proxy.

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