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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Apigee edge credentials used for?

Apigee Edge provides credentials used to sign access tokens or provide API keys that are required by clients making API calls through Edge Microgateway. You can obtain these tokens using a CLI command provided with Edge Microgateway. You must initially configure Edge Microgateway to be able to communicate with your Apigee Edge organization.

What is Apigee and how does it work?

Apigee services: The APIs that you use to create, manage, and deploy your API proxies. Apigee runtime: A set of containerized runtime services in a Kubernetes cluster that Google maintains. All API traffic passes through and is processed by these services. In addition, Apigee uses other components including:

Can I use edge microgateway for Apigee API management?

You can also use Edge Microgateway to provide Apigee API management for services running in a Kubernetes cluster.

What are Apigee's API proxies?

API proxies give you the full power of Apigee's API platform to secure API calls, throttle traffic, mediate messages, control error handling, cache things, build developer portals, document APIs, analyze API traffic data, make money on the use of your APIs, protect against bad bots, and more. What's an API?

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