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Frequently Asked Questions

Is American Samoa part of Polynesia?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Samoan Islands are an archipelago covering 3,030 km2 (1,170 sq mi) in the central South Pacific, forming part of Polynesia and the wider region of Oceania. Administratively, the archipelago comprises all of Samoa and most of American Samoa (apart from Swains Island, which is part of the Tokelau Islands).

Is Samoa a city?

Apia, Samoa's capital city. Located on the central north coast of the island of Upolu, Apia is the capital and largest city of Samoa, with around 38,000 inhabitants in its urban area.

What is the airport code for Apia, Samoa?

Faleolo International Airport is an international airport in Apia, Tuamasaga, Samoa. Its IATA code is APW and is located latitude -13.83 and longitude -172.01 in Samoa and operates in WSDT time zone.

What is the area of Samoa?

Samoa lies south of the equator, about halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand, in the Polynesian region of the Pacific Ocean. The total land area is 2,842 km2 (1,097 sq mi), consisting of the two large islands of Upolu and Savai'i (which together account for 99% of the total land area) and eight small islets.

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