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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Antonio de Morga do in the Philippines?

Antonio de Morga. After being reassigned to Mexico, he published the book Sucesos de las islas Filipinas in 1609, considered one of the most important works on the early history of the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. As Deputy Governor in the Philippines, he restored the audencia. He took over the function of judge or oidor.

When was the first edition of Antonio de Morga published?

His history was first published in English in 1868; numerous editions have been published in English, including a 1907 edition that is online at the Gutenberg Project [2]. It has also been reprinted in Spanish and other languages. Antonio de Morga Sánchez Garay was born in Seville.

Who is Dr de Morga?

In the Philippine colony, Dr. de Morga was a fearsome oidor, that is, a judge of the Royal Audiencia, the appellate court which also kept an eye on the Governor-General and the colony’s coffers. In 1609, his book, Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas, was published in Mexico where he returned after apolemical term of office in the Philippines.

What is the content of the book Morga based on?

The content of the book is based on documentary research, observation and personal experience of Morga. 7. Rizal is a secondary source of the book due to his Annotations. 4. Dr. Antonio de Morga Spanish lawyer and official in the Philippines during the 17th century.

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