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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Antonio Brown say in his Instagram post?

Brown, in his first comments since the incident, posted a photo of him in a Buccaneers jersey to his Instagram account with the caption (Big MAD (Making a Difference) Thanks for the opportunity.”

Can Antonio Brown sign with any team in the NFL?

As a free agent, he can sign with any team at any time. And if only one team suffers an injury to a key receiver (or a COVID positive a couple of days before game time), maybe a less-than-100-percent Antonio Brown gets a phone call.

What happened to Antonio Brown?

The 33-year-old receiver was seen smiling in the back of N.J. driver Danny Chalet’s car on a post to the chauffeur’s Instagram story. The post came hours after Brown stripped shirtless and angrily walked off the field during Tampa Bay’s win over the Jets, ending his rocky tenure with the team.

What did Antonio Brown call out Arians for?

Since then, the wide receiver has called out Arians, the Bucs, Tom Brady's personal trainer and several others for what he deemed a mishandling of his situation. On Friday, Brown turned his attention to the GOAT.

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