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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was the Anglican Church formed?

The Anglican Church originated when King Henry VIII split from the Roman Catholic Church in 1534, when the pope refused to grant the king an annulment. The Anglican Communion is made up of 46 independent churches, of which the US Episcopal Church is one. The Anglican Communion represents over 85 million people in over 165 countries.

How does the Anglican Church started?

Anglican Church Full Name: Anglican Communion Also Known As: Church of England; Anglican Church; Episcopal Church. Known For: Third largest Christian communion tracing back to the Church of England's separation from the Roman Catholic Church during the 16th century Protestant Reformation. Founding: Initially founded in 1534 by King Henry VIII's Act of Supremacy. ... More items...

What is the origin of the Anglican Church?

The Anglican Church of North America traces its origin to the Independent Anglican Church founded in Canada in the 1930s by William H. Daw who was originally a priest of the Church of England in Canada (now the Anglican Church of Canada).

Where did the Anglican church originate?

The name "Anglican" means "of England", but the Anglican church exists worldwide. It began in the sixth century in England, when Pope Gregory the Great sent St. Augustine to Britain to bring a more disciplined Apostolic succession to the Celtic Christians.

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