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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need an Android Device Manager?

Android Device Manager or ADM, in short, is a way you can track your lost Android devices that includes your phone or tablet. How does the Android Device Manager work? Google is able to track the location of your Android devices such as your phone and tablet via the Global Positioning System or GPS in short.

How does Android Device Manager locate my phone?

Android Device Manager needs two things before it can locate a phone. The device needs to have remote location enabled, which you’ll find in Google Settings > Android Device Manager > Remotely Locate This Device (make sure the box is ticked), and it needs to have location access on too. That’s in Google Settings > Location.

How do I unlock my Android Device Manager?

Answer Wiki. Here’s how to Unlock your Android device using Android Device Manager. Get on your PC or borrow a phone or tablet from a friend and go to "Forwarding ...". Sign into your Google account that you use on your locked phone. Choose the phone you want to attack in Android Device Manager. Choose "Lock".

What does the Android Device Manager do?

The key function the device manager is to protect your Android device. After the device is connected to a user’s Google account, it starts to highlight any piece of hardware that is detected to be malfunctioning. It also allows users to supply device drivers, enable/disable devices, and view other technical properties.

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