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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a red octagon sign mean at an intersection?

Traffic Signs. A red octagon (eight-sided) STOP sign means you must make a full stop before entering the intersection, crosswalk, or driving past the white stop line. A triangular red YIELD sign means slow down, be ready to stop, and let traffic (including people walking or riding bikes) pass before you go ahead.

Do you have to stop at a red octagonal stop sign?

Even if you haven’t taken any driver’s ed, you should recognize the signature red octagonal signs. When you come across a stop sign in a vehicle, you are required to come to a full stop and assess the road before going on your way. Even if there are absolutely no cars around for miles to see, you must stop.

What do yield signs mean?

Yield Signs = Slow Down, But Stop When Necessary Yield signs are a little trickier to grasp. Characterized as an upside-down white triangle bordered by red, yield signs predominantly mean to slow down. It’s used as a warning sign that there may be something up ahead that requires you to slow down and be cautious of your surroundings.

What do the different shapes of stop signs mean?

Octagon – exclusively used for stop signs. Upside Down Triangle – always means yield. Circle – an advanced warning that there's a railroad nearby. Pennant Shape – warn drivers that this is a no passing zone. Pentagon (pointed up) – school zone ahead, school crossing zone, or country route sign. Click to see full answer.

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