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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amica a good insurance company?

Amica has few offices, but it offers car insurance throughout the U.S. (not in Hawaii). Its discounts and perks include roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement, which can make it an affordable option. AMICA is a wonderful insurance provider. I have been insured by them for homeowners and auto for over 30 years.

Why doesn't Amica have in-person customer service?

Because Amica doesn’t have many in-person offices throughout the country, most policyholders have to interact with customer service representatives online, which might not appeal to everyone. Sign up to receive our free weekly newsletter.

Why do you want to stay with Amica?

Every contact with them leaves me with a positive impression as to ... We have moved 12 times in 26 years and re-evaluated our insurance coverage for auto, home and rental home every time. We stayed with Amica the entire time because with a good driv... See if you can lower your rate today! What is Amica car insurance?

How much does an amica umbrella policy cost?

An Amica umbrella policy covers claims beyond the financial limits of an existing auto or home insurance policy. An umbrella policy from Amica costs about $100-$400 per year, and it can add $1 million, $2 million, or $5 million in additional liability coverage.

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