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Frequently Asked Questions

What is KRAS G12C?

KRAS G12C is a specific variation in the KRAS protein . Proteins are long chains of amino acids . The KRAS protein has 189 amino acids. KRAS with no mutation at amino acid position 12 has a glycine, or G for short. The amino acid at position 12 in KRAS with the G12C mutation is a cysteine, or C for short.

What is KRAS wild type?

KRAS gene. listen (KAY-ras jeen) A gene that makes a protein called KRAS, which is involved in cell signaling pathways that control cell growth, cell maturation, and cell death. The natural, unchanged form of the gene is called wild-type KRAS.

What does KRAS mutation mean?

KRAS mutations in lung cancer occur primarily at codon 12 or 13, making the protein GAP insensitive and constitutively GTP bound leading to the activation of downstream effectors. It then drives oncogenesis through a multitude of effectors and downstream signaling pathways to promote tumor growth.

What is KRAS cancer?

KRAS is mutated in 15% to 20% of human cancers, mostly in pancreatic cancer, colon cancer and lung cancers as well as leukemias. Approximately 30% to 40% of colon cancers and 15% to 30% of lung cancers have KRAS mutations. Currently, drugs that target EGFR are used to treat colon cancer and non-small cell lung cancer.

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