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Frequently Asked Questions

What color are Ameraucana chickens?

Ameraucana chicken color chart or table with the color of breed, no. of eggs laying, egg color, size, or weight. Ameraucanas are unique! They’re the only breed that lays blue eggs. They have a pea comb and a beard but no tail feathers. They come in many colors: Black, Blue, Splash (patterned), Wheaten, White, and Red.

Do Ameraucana chickens lay eggs?

However, you will surely have between 200 – 300 eggs per year, making the Ameraucana one of the best chickens for eggs. However, when the eggs do pop out, you may be surprised to see that they are blue. The Ameraucana chicken is one of the few chickens that lay blue-shell eggs. Yes.

Are Ameraucanas Hardy hens?

They also come in many colors and feather patterns (from plain to extravagant) and may be large or bantam. They make hardy hens with mild temperaments; roosters can be protective but not as aggressive as some breeds, such as the Brahma . Though rarely broody, Ameraucanas can be good mothers.

When did Ameraucana chickens become APA?

After decades of breeding and development — some estimate the breed being around in the United States since the 1920s — the Ameraucana was finally accepted into the American Poultry Association (APA) in 1984. How Much Do Ameraucana Chickens Cost?

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