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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do Ameraucana chickens come from?

Rather than being bred up from Araucanas, all varieties of Ameraucana derive from Easter Egger™ chickens. They originated with four breeders in the Midwest of the United States. At Cackle Hatchery® we breed our white Ameraucanas to produce eggs with blue shells. However, a small percentage of their eggs will be some shade of light green.

What is an Americana chicken?

The Americana chicken is a breed that is recognized for their egg laying. Visually, the Americana bird can be assorted colors of white, brown, red or black. Typically, the birds will several colors at once making their feathers beautiful calico colors.

What do Ameraucana birds look like?

Ameraucana have pea combs, black or slate legs, and these wonderful fluffy ear muffs and beards. The nice thing about raising the black and blue varieties is that you can run the birds together and still get purebred Black Ameraucana and purebred Blue Ameraucana.

Do blue chickens breed true?

Blue chickens do not breed true, therefore our blue to blue matings result in around 50% blue chicks, 25% black chicks, and 25% splash chicks. We will send as many blues as possible with your order, but you should also expect some black and splash Ameraucana chicks.

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