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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you donate to the American Red Cross?

Give to the American Red Cross by donating your gently used clothing and household items to the professional solicitor, GreenDrop. Your tax-deductible donations will be converted into cash when they are sold to local thrift stores. This in turn generates critically needed funding for the American Red Cross’ programs and initiatives.

What are the Red Cross guidelines for giving blood?

American Red Cross does not accept individuals with hemochromatosis as blood donors. In order to donate blood, a woman must have a hemoglobin level of at least 12.5 g/dL, and a man must have a hemoglobin level of at least 13.0 g/dL. For all donors, the hemoglobin level can be no greater than 20 g/dL.

Did the Red Cross ever pay donors money for blood?

The American Red Cross, a non-profit organization, does not pay their donors, but they do sell the blood they collect. Red Cross Communications Manager Christy Peters said, "I wouldn't be able to speak to why donors would be paid."

What types of donations does the American Red Cross accept?

The Red Cross does not normally accept individual donations of material items (called “in-kind” donations) because receipt of such items can actually hamper relief efforts. The financial and personnel cost of receiving, sorting, transporting goods and ensuring the quality and cleanliness of items donated by individual households is very high.

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