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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazon a good stock to buy?

Amazon hit the stock market with a share price of $18 in 1997, so the company is definitely an enticing buy for those who have been looking to invest in technology. While Amazon stock has dropped, it’s worth mentioning how the entire market has taken a hit in 2022. However, there are concerns that Amazon stock has peaked.

How can I buy Amazon stock?

Buying Amazon stock requires you to have a brokerage account, and online brokers offer the quickest and easiest ways to start one today. If you don’t have a brokerage account, you can open one in about 15 minutes — the process is similar to signing up for a checking or savings account.

What is Amazon's stock history?

Though Amazon is the company our major focus in this Amazon (AMZN) stock price predictions 2022 – 2030 is the stock itself. The company first sold shares to the public in May 1997. The initial public offering (IPO) was priced at $18 per share at that time. Nearly 25 years later, AMZN stock is worth more than $3,000 per share.

What are the risks associated with investing in Amazon's stock?

There's a lot of fear baked into Amazon's stock with how the economy is doing, which is a fair argument. However, long-term investors should know that a recession won't last forever. Once the economy recovers, Amazon will likely experience pent-up demand, affecting both its commerce and cloud-computing segments.

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