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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazon Prime Video available on my TV?

Amazon Prime Video is also available on common streaming sticks and boxes: 4K Ultra HD and HDR support is available through the latest Fire TV devices, along with Dolby Atmos sound. It requires a HDMI 2.0 port with HDCP 2.2 copy protection enabled on your TV to work.

Does Amazon Prime Video require a subscription?

If you are opting for Amazon Prime Video as a standalone streaming service, you will be charged $8.99 per month. With this subscription, you can enjoy Prime Video subscription without the need for subscribing to Amazon services or the Ecommerce service.

What kind of movies and TV shows are available on Amazon Prime Video?

Enjoy exclusive movies and TV shows like The Grand Tour and award-winning titles like The Man in the High Castle, Mozart in the Jungle, and Transparent. What is Amazon Prime Video? Prime Video is a streaming video service by Amazon.

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