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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Amazon Prime students really get a good deal?

Prime Student subscribers can save $7 per month on Prime Music Unlimited, the full-featured upgraded version of Prime Music. Prime Student gives you access to free 2-day shipping, Prime Video, exclusive Prime member only deals , and more. Amazon Prime Student costs $59/year, which is 50% less than a typical Prime membership.

What is the difference between Amazon Prime and student?

Yes, there are minor differences. Amazon Student is basically a more-targeted version of Amazon Prime, so Student members sometimes get exclusive deals—usually through email. No major benefits like Amazon Mom, though.

How do I switch from Amazon Prime to student?

Switch from Amazon Prime to Prime Student. In order to transfer your membership from Amazon Prime to Prime Student, simply visit and complete the Prime Student sign-up process. You do not need to cancel your Amazon Prime membership prior to signing up for Prime Student.

Is Amazon Prime worth the price?

An Amazon Prime membership delivers a lot of value. If you replaced Netflix ($12.99/mo), Spotify ($9.99/mo) and Dropbox ($9.99) with the services that Amazon prime offers with a membership, you would save $276 per year even before the free shipping. Your membership fee will be well worth the $119 a month cost and would more than pay for itself.

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