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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get League of Legends for free on Amazon Prime?

You go to the official Prime Gaming site. There are multiple game titles that have free loot available – but scroll until you find League of Legends. Make sure you’re signed in to your Prime Account – otherwise this whole process won’t work. Click on ‘claim’ for the loot of the current month.

How to get free loot from Riot Games on Amazon Prime?

To be able to receive free LoL loot and rewards, you’ll have to connect your Riot account to your Amazon Prime account. That’s what we’re about to tell you, and it’s actually extremely simple.

How do Prime gaming rewards work?

Most of the time, the Prime Gaming rewards are mere mystery skin shards. If you do not like the skin shard you’ve been given, you can always disenchant it in the client into orange essence so that when you do get a skin you like, you can permanently unlock it. But how do you claim Prime Loot? That’s what we’re going to check out right now:

What does Twitch Prime do in League of Legends?

Any loot you get through Prime Gaming and Twitch Prime will be sent to your LoL loot. You’ve probably used this a thousand times to open chests, skin shards and claimed your rewards for League of Legends in-client missions. Most of the time, the Prime Gaming rewards are mere mystery skin shards.

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