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Frequently Asked Questions

What is prime day really means for Amazon?

Overall, Amazon Prime Day provides Prime members the opportunity to shop for a range of products at significant discounts - its growth into competing retailers means more discounts across more categories and stores, too.

What time does Prime Day start at Amazon?

When is the Amazon Prime Day start time and date? Amazon Prime Day begins June 21, 2021, and will continue until June 22. Here are its start times across timezones: 12 AM PDT

What is Amazon Prime Day and how does it work?

Amazon Prime Now uses a combination of software, robots, and humans to deliver a range of items to an individual's door in two hours or less. Amazon uses data on its Prime subscribers, such as their browsing and purchasing history, to decide which items to store in warehouses in order to minimize time for deliveries.

Are Amazon Prime Day deals really the best?

Amazon Prime Day (June 21-22) brings savings in many categories, but some of the very best deals can consistently be found on Echo gadgets with Alexa onboard. So if you've been thinking about picking up an Echo, Prime Day is usually the best time of year to do it. The Alexa deals are already ramping up with just days to go until Prime Day.

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