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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Play Amazon Music on my iPhone?

How to listen to music with Amazon Music on your iPhone or iPad. Once your music library is has tunes in it, you can select and play songs all day from the Amazon Music app. Tap the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Tap on Your Library. Select content by playlist, artist, album, song, or genre.

How do I download music from Amazon?

To download music you own or uploaded to your computer using the Amazon Music app: Click the download icon next to the song or album. You can also drag and drop songs, albums, and playlists to the Download section under Actions in the right sidebar. To view the download progress, click view progress in the right sidebar.

What are some good music apps for iPhone?

Hello friend, There are some good music app for iPhone which is absolutely free. They are listed below. 1. Pandora Radio. Pandora Radio is one of the most downloaded free apps from the App Store because it's simple and works incredibly well.

What is the best free music app?

Pandora Radio is another one of the most popular free music apps. It’s key feature is its simplicity and cross-platform support. You can easily jump right in and listen to music you enjoy on virtually any platform you can think of and your stations sync across all of them.

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