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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amazon Music included free with Prime?

Amazon Prime Music and Spotify's free plan are both free, provided that you're a Prime member. And Spotify's free plan may feature 28 million more songs than Prime Music, but that experience is filled with ads and doesn't let you select specific songs, instead making you listen to everything on shuffle.

Is Amazon Prime fresh worth the price?

With reasonable membership fees and one of the biggest available markets, Fresh might just beat out the competition depending on where you live and how you shop. If you are a current Prime member and can get Amazon Fresh in your area, I think it is certainly worth a try . Try Amazon Fresh Now. Photos courtesy of Nolan Browning and Amazon.

Does Amazon Prime have music?

Prime Music is Amazon's optimised music service that allows Amazon Prime customers to stream, store, manage and play music anywhere from the cloud. For more information, go to About Prime Music. Note: Access to Prime Music isn't available to customers who are Household members or to customers residing outside of the UK.

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