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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Amazon Fresh delivery?

According to the cost of AmazonFresh is available to Prime members only for an additional $14.99 per month. If you spend less than $50 on an order, even with an active subscription, you will be charged $9.99 for each delivery. Also, in addition to the Amazon Fresh Add-on, you will also need an Amazon Prime membership for $99 per year.

Is Amazon Fresh free?

Signing up for the Fresh Add-on. AmazonFresh is available exclusively to Amazon Prime members. Eligible customers who are not yet Prime members can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime and a 30-day free trial of the Fresh Add-on.

How does Amazon Fresh work?

How Amazon Fresh Works Similar to most other grocery delivery services, you’ll use their website or app to select your items and fill your cart. At checkout, you’ll select your delivery date and a two-hour time window.

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