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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Amazon stop delivering?

The majority of the carriers Amazon uses to ship stop delivering by 8PM. However, not all estimates are by 8PM. Amazon's 2-hour delivery service does not give an estimate by 8PM - unless you ordered it two hours before.

What happens if delivery is delayed?

Some of the risks involved in delayed delivery are: Increase in the baby's weight and size. This can cause problems, preventing the baby from fitting properly in the pelvis. It can also require the performance of a cesarean. Decreased amniotic fluid.

Will Amazon delay a shipment?

Amazon has delayed shipments temporarily on most goods except essential health and household products, but that doesn't mean you have to wait a long time for your online orders. Most of the largest...

How can I delay my next delivery?

Steps Contact Amazon support using their Live Chat option. Give them your order number, and answer any additional questions they ask. Politely ask the support agent if you can change the delivery date to a time that suits you. Check your parcel via. the tracking options on the order to make sure that the new date has been set. Wait until your package arrives! ...

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