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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you buy the Alienware Aurora R12?

Gamers who are looking to invest in a new gaming PC won’t be disappointed if they go with the Alienware Aurora R12. It’s an even more tempting option because of Dell’s $370 price cut on the gaming desktop, lowering its price to just $1,100 from its original price of $1,470.

What is the best Alienware gaming PC?

Incorporating the very latest in graphics cards and processors, Alienware's Aurora R12 RTX 30-series are some of the best Alienware gaming PC s we've ever seen.

What is the maximum processor speed of the Alienware Aurora?

Enhanced overclocking: The latest generation of the Aurora is engineered for up to 11 th Gen Intel ® Core™ processors capable of speeds of up to 4.7GHz on turbo across all eight cores without overclocking. Elevate your performance with customized overclocking on the optional K-series processors through the Alienware Command Center software.

What makes the Alienware R series so special?

INTENTIONALLY INGENIOUS. Every detail of the legendary Alienware_R series battle station is designed to heighten and excite your senses for the most immersive gaming experiences possible. That’s why every click, press, sound and frame work together to take you deeper in the game than you ever imagined.

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