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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free version of Aliens vs Predator?

Predator v2.27u7 for FREE on PC Aliens VS Predator Updated PC Game Repack-Games Bringing the legendary war between two of science-fiction’s most popular characters to FPS fans, AvP delivers three outstanding single player campaigns and provides untold hours of unique 3-way multiplayer gaming.

Is there a Jaguar version of Aliens versus Predator?

Aliens Versus Predator is yet another contender among several Alien/Marine skirmish titles. While the Atari Jaguar boasted Aliens Versus Predator years ago as a title, Rebellion, maker of both Jaguar and PC versions, has evolved the Jaguar title into the great looking, edge-of-the-seat action available for the !

Are You a marine or alien or predator in Aliens vs Predator?

As a marine, you really do feel vulnerable and alone. As an Alien or the Predator, you are the ferocious hunter. In Aliens versus Predator, you don't just play a Marine, Alien or Predator. You ARE a Marine, Alien or Predator. You must think like one to survive.

Should you buy GameStorm's Aliens Online or Aliens versus Predator?

As well, Gamestorm's Aliens Online is a far cry from the experience you'll receive as a Marine or Alien in Aliens versus Predator. I recommend this title to fans of both the movies and the first-person shooter genre. Aliens versus Predator is essentially three games in one. Personally, I found the Alien aspect to be my favorite.

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