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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Albariño wine region?

There are two (2) primary Albariño wine regions: Rías Baixas and Vinho Verde. Rías Baixas (“rhee-yus by-shus”) is the main Albariño region for Albariño wines and is located in Galicia, northwest Spain. The climate here is cool and wet with a maritime influence of the Atlantic ocean.

Is albario a good wine?

Mouth-watering and clean, this wine has a complexity that is nearly impossible to dislike. Incredibly fruit forward for an “old world” wine, Albariño sings the song of relaxed and fulfilling Spanish coastal life.

What is Alvarinho wine?

Known there as Alvarinho, it is labeled as a varietal to differentiate it from the Loureiro-based Vinho Verde blends. In Spain Albariño plantings makes up more than 90% of the total plantings in Rias Baixas. The complex mini climates of this wine region leads to diverse sub-regions and variations between vineyards and vintages.

What to eat with Albarino?

Albarino. Food Pairings - These wines are made to be consumed young and go extraordinarily well with many appetizers, Cajun fare, poultry, shellfish and grilled fish.

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