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Frequently Asked Questions

What is albarino grape?

Albariños tend to be bone dry and are usually very acidic. The grape grows in the region of Galicia, which is located in the Northwestern part of Spain. The specific area in Galicia that grows Albarino is dubbed Rias Baixas.

What is an albario vineyard?

Vineyards planted by producers from far beyond the variety’s original home, and who were inspired to make their own albariño after tasting it as it became increasingly popular in the 2000s and 2010s, are now bearing increasingly interesting fruit.

Is Albarino wrongly labelled?

In recent years Albariño attracted the attention of Australian winemakers, several of whom are now producing varietal wines. However, it has recently been discovered that grape growers and wine makers in Australia have been supplying and selling wrongly labelled Albarino for over a decade.

Is Albarino French Savagnin?

They thought they were pouring money into the market for the Spanish grape, but a French expert visiting Australia raised questions in 2008. DNA testing confirmed that the grapes are in fact French Savagnin, and almost all wine in Australia labelled as Albarino is Savagnin. [13]

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