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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Albariño wine?

Rías Baixas (“rhee-yus by-shus”) is the main Albariño region for Albariño wines and is located in Galicia, northwest Spain. The climate here is cool and wet with a maritime influence of the Atlantic ocean. This results in high-acid, fresh, and balanced wines with notes of citrus, stone fruits, and saline minerality.

What to eat with Albarino?

Albarino. Food Pairings - These wines are made to be consumed young and go extraordinarily well with many appetizers, Cajun fare, poultry, shellfish and grilled fish.

What is Vinho Verde wine?

Most Vinho Verde are bright, dry wines with some spritz (carbonation), and lower alcohol levels ranging between 8.5% – 11.5% ABV. In this heavily populated region, many locals have vineyards and grow grapes for the regional Vinho Verde wine. There are nearly 20,000 different growers in the region, with tiny plots.

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