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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do on Airport City game?

Real time chat to other players, trade items together, complete space missions, form & arrange alliances and much much more. It's all here at To all players who had issues with the game and had to restart with new code (maybe it is working also for others who have new codes after last updates).

What is an airport code?

Airport Codes Quiz | Test your knowledge! - World Airport Codes How good is your Airport Code knowledge? Put it to the test with our Airport Codes Quiz What is an airport code? – An airport code is a unique code for an airport, made up of 3 (sometimes 4) letters, used in passenger reservation, ticketing, and baggage-handling systems.

Why should you download Airport City?

The regular updates with new models of aircraft, buildings and new destinations, will become an infinite source of entertainment. Download Airport City and see for yourself how this simulator stands out among other airplane games and city building games. Test your airline commander skills and develop your own airport.

How many airport codes are there in the world?

There are an estimated 17,576 airport codes around the world, sadly we didn’t have time to put them all into a quiz but we have picked 10 for you to tackle: Ok, let's start easy... A well known airport code ... Easy peasy! Ok, a bit harder...

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