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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any job opportunities available in the Air Force Reserve?

From Pilots and Mechanics to Healthcare and Cyber careers, part-time jobs with full-time benefits are available in the Air Force Reserve.

What are the benefits of joining the Air Force Reserve?

The Air Force Reserve offers many of the same employment benefits as the active-duty Air Force, with the flexibility to train near home and maintain a civilian career until needed. Reservists are paid for all time spent drilling and deployed, and they have access to the same professional training as full-time service members.

What is the mission of the Air Force Reserve?

The purpose of the Air Force Reserve, as derived from Title 10 of the United States Code (Title 10 U.S.C.), is to: "Provide combat-ready units and individuals for active duty whenever there are not enough trained units and people in the Regular component of the Air Force to perform any national security mission."

How does serving in the Air Force Reserve affect my civilian career?

The Air Force Reserve offers you the opportunity to play a crucial role in our nation’s defense while living at home and serving locally. You are able to pursue your civilian career or education while enjoying the benefits of military service.

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