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Frequently Asked Questions

Can IRS use arows-R?

IRs should not use AROWS-R to request their orders, but will still use AROWS-R to track the approval of their orders, print their approved orders, electronically certify orders of 29 or fewer days via TODC, and print certified copies of orders for travel voucher documentation.

Is the arows-R system down for maintenance?

.:: AROWS-R - Maintenance ::. The AROWS-R system is down for Maintenance. We will be back shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you require further assistance please contact the AROWS-R help desk.

What are the Air Force e-publishing systems?

AROWS-R (Air Force Reserve Order Writing System) ATAAPS (Automated Time Attendance and Production System) Air Force E-Publishing (epubs) CAMS-FM/G081 - Core Automated Maintenance System for Mobility/G081 (MAF/MAF Gained)

How do I Fix my air force login page not working?

Information for Air Force personnel using Apple Computers : AROWS will not continue to the login page if it identifies your browser as non-compatible. This is easily fixed by having Safari report it "is" IE. Go to Safari->Preferences ->Advanced and ensure the "Show develop menu" check box is ticked.

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