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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the root word of ailurophobia?

The name comes from the Greek words αἴλουρος ( ailouros ), 'cat' and φόβος ( phóbos ), 'fear'. Other names for ailurophobia include: felinophobia, elurophobia, gatophobia, and cat phobia. A person with this phobia is known as an ailurophobe .

How do I know if I have ailurophobia?

Common symptoms that signify Ailurophobia in people (both children and adults) are: Extreme and irrational fear and apprehension of cats ( the fear can be triggered by a thought or a picture of a cat) Flight or fight response i.e. either fleeing away immediately or trying to fend off the cat.

What is ailurophobia of cats?

Particularly, it is a somewhat rare animal phobia characterized by the persistent and excessive fear of cats. Like other specific phobias, the exact cause of ailurophobia is unknown and potential treatment usually involves therapy.

What is ailurophobia (gatophobia)?

Ailurophobia, also known as gatophobia, is signified by intense dread of cats with no reasonable explanation. Almost all the times, the cats do not pose a real risk at all. Most of the people having Ailurophobia are scared to get bitten or scratched by cats.

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