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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lifestyle like at ail?

Your lifestyle has to be completely committed to this job. No time for family functions or kids. Very stressful to stay active and productive. Was this review helpful? Thank you for your feedback regarding your time with AIL. We're happy to hear that your time on our team was productive and positive.

Is American Income Life a scam?

Is American Income Life a scam? It's a legitimate company that sells insurance policies. But during my research, I discovered that...

Why should I affiliate with AIL?

From the independent agents in the field who write an application, to AIL's own employees, all the way up to our CEO, everything is done under the union label. Also, with increased commissions, production bonuses, and lifetime vesting, agents who affiliate with AIL have seen phenomenal growth in long term net worth and a secure financial future.

Is AIL a good place to work?

While money is the root of all evil, it can also help you do great by and support those around when times get tough. As long as someone focuses on the beneficial aspects of the monetary opportunity at AIL they will be in a good place.

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