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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the aliefhub?

AliefHUB! The Digital Learning Department is launching the AliefHUB! to help students and staff manage all of their digital resources. Once fully implemented the AliefHUB! will give users a place for everything and everything in its place.

What is AI life by Huawei?

HUAWEI AI Life. AI Life lets you manage all of your smart devices in one place. Letting you discover and create new ways to use your smart devices, including your 5G/4G router, audio accessories,...

Why choose Alief ISD?

More than 80 languages are spoken by our students. Language offerings include French, Mandarin Chinese, German, Latin, Arabic and Spanish. Alief ISD spends more per student on instruction than the average Texas school district. Alief ISD is also the recipient of national and state fiscal responsibility awards.

What does AIL do for Working Families?

When we say AIL supports working families, we mean it. American Income Life advocates for key issues and campaigns, and invests in a public agenda reflecting core values important to all working people.

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