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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the features of the TSI Aerotrak® portable particle counter?

Flow Rate 3.53 CFM (100 L/min) ±5% accuracy / Particle Size Range 0.5 to 25 µm The TSI AeroTrak® Portable Particle Counter Model 9500 offers best-in-class features and versatility. Perform ISO 14644-1 classifications and complete certifications of EU GMP facilities by sampling 1 m 3 of air in just 10 minutes!

How do I manage multiple Aerotrak 9306 particle counter configurations?

Multiple AeroTrak 9306 Particle Counter configurations can be conveniently stored and uploaded as needed using the TrakPro Lite Secure data download and reporting software supplied as standard. The Model 9306 complies with all the stringent requirements set forth in ISO 21501-4.

What is the best handheld particle counter?

Ask an expert. The TSI AeroTrak Handheld Particle Counter Model 9306 offers the most features and flexibility for customers interested in versatile handheld particle contamination monitoring. The Model 9306 features an ergonomic handle with thumb controls, for easy one-hand operation.

What is tsi Aerotrak?

TSI is proud to introduce a new state-of-the-art sys... The TSI AeroTrak® Handheld Particle Counter Model 9303 offers the most features and flexibility for customers interested in a low cost and versatile handheld particle counter. The Model 9303 features a sturdy yet lightweight high-impact injection-molded plastic design for easy handling.

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