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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does LinkedIn advertising cost on average?

LinkedIn advertising costs depend on several factors, including target audience, campaign objective, and bid. On average, though, the cost of LinkedIn ads is $5.26 per click, $6.59 per 1000 impressions, and $0.80 per send. Want to learn more about how much it costs to advertise on LinkedIn?

What factors affect LinkedIn advertising costs?

According to LinkedIn, three factors influence your LinkedIn advertising costs: Target audience: When you advertise on LinkedIn, you compete with other advertisers to get your ad seen. If you target an audience in high demand, you can expect higher costs because of that audience’s value and increased competition for that audience’s attention.

How much do LinkedIn ads cost in North America?

How much do LinkedIn Ads cost? Let’s take a step back because the word “expensive” is relative. Costs-per-click (CPCs) in North America range from $8 - $14 on LinkedIn, where other platforms may be charging you closer to $3 - $5.

What is the minimum amount that LinkedIn requires for CPC and CPM campaigns?

While LinkedIn advertising costs vary by the advertiser, LinkedIn does require companies to bid a minimum of $2 for cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-impression (CPM) campaigns. On average, however, businesses pay $5.26 per click and $6.59 per 1000 impressions, as well as $0.80 per send for Sponsored InMail campaigns.

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