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Frequently Asked Questions

What is app ad?

A type of targeting used to match your ads to sites or pages based on the keywords or topics you’ve chosen. An ad format for advertisers to re-engage with users who have already downloaded the app. A templated way to create text, banner, image, and interstitial ads driving users to the Google Play store.

What are mobile app ads?

App Ads. Mobile app ads help you get more people to install and engage with your app. This guide is for software developers who are setting up an app for app ads. It contains technical instructions on how to set up and help optimize delivery of your mobile app ads.

What is the App Manager?

An application manager (app manager) is programming for overseeing the installation, patching and updating and perhaps access of software applications.

What is mobile app advertising?

Mobile advertising is the communication of products or services to mobile device and smartphone consumers. The mobile advertising spectrum ranges from short message service (SMS) text to interactive advertisements.

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