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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between adduction and abduction?

Difference Between Abduction and Adduction. In contrast, adduction is the movement that pulls a structure toward the body’s midline. • Adduction is the movement of digits toward the limb while abduction is the movement of digits away from the limb. • Adduction of wrist is called ulnar deviation, whereas abduction of wrist is called radial deviation.

What is the meaning of adduction?

Adduction is movement towards the mid-line of the body - also applies to movements inwards and across the body. That is, movement of the right arm inwards (so to the left) towards or even past the centre of the body would be adduction of the right arm. The word adduction is used to describe a movement and could be used in a phrase such as:

What does adduct mean?

Adduct. For anatomical term of motion, see adduction. An adduct (from the Latin adductus, "drawn toward" alternatively, a contraction of "addition product") is a product of a direct addition of two or more distinct molecules, resulting in a single reaction product containing all atoms of all components.

What is an example of adduction?

In the case of the fingers and toes, the term adduction refers to the drawing together of these structures, i.e., their movement toward the axis of the limb. Muscles that carry out adduction are called adductors.; an example is the adductor magnus in the thigh. The opposite movement to adduction is called abduction.

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