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Frequently Asked Questions

What is internal and external rotation?

In anatomy, internal rotation (also known as medial rotation) is rotation towards the centre of the body. External rotation (or lateral rotation) is rotation away from the centre of the body. Internal and external rotation of the arms (humerus) occurs at the shoulders, causing the elbow to rotate ā€” see Figures 2 and 3.

What causes external rotation of the leg?

Externally rotating the leg involves turning the leg away from the body so the knee or foot faces outward. Hip and knee pain are often a result of poor pelvic muscle performance in combination with poor walking habits.

What is external rotation exercise?

The purpose of the external rotation exercise is to strengthen the external shoulder rotators within the rotator cuff (infraspinatus & teres minor). Muscle imbalances frequently lead to injuries and considering that the shoulders are extra susceptible to injury due to their anatomical makeup, it is important to identify and correct these imbalances.

What are external rotations?

External rotation. External rotation (an aspect of lateral rotation) is rotation away from the center of the body, also known as extorsion .

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