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Frequently Asked Questions

How to validate the entry of a valid email address?

To validate the entry of a valid email address, the best practice is to call the IsMatch function and to provide a suitable regular expression. This post described how to validate single and multiple email addresses, and how to accept or reject email addresses based on email domain.

What happens if the address validation is unsuccessful?

If address validation does not occur due to incomplete or incorrect setup, then the application displays a warning so that the user can review the setup to ensure successful validation. Users can still continue to save their address even if the validation is unsuccessful. The application saves the status of the address validation.

How does the validate address app work?

If the address is found in the database, the Validate Address app corrects any incorrect address information in your spreadsheet and formats the address using the format preferred by the applicable postal authority. It also adds missing postal information, such as postal codes, city names, state or province names, and so on.

Why is my address validation not working in Excel?

If a number format is used, address validation may not work. This is especially important for cells that contain postal codes since some postal codes begin with a zero and Excel will remove the leading zero if the format is not "Text", causing validation to fail. Second, each part of the address needs to be in a separate column.

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