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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of letter to the bank requesting AD code?

Format of the letter to the bank requesting for issue of AD code could be as under. Fill in all the necessary information of your organisation and about the export transaction if possible and submit it at the branch of the bank where the account is maintained and where the export remittance is supposed to be received. FORMAT.

What is an ad code?

An AD code is a 14-digit numeric code that you can get from the bank with which you have your current account to run your import-export business. The code is printed in a document with the bank's letterhead in the format prescribed by DGFT. A bank must be an authorized dealer of foreign currency in order to be able to issue an ED code.

Why do I need to issue an ad code of the bank?

We kindly request you to issue an Ad Code of the Bank so that we submit it to the customs department and can easily process the export of our goods. We have attached all the important documents for ease of the process. This is to certify that our company Futures Pvt limited is bearing a current account at your bank.

How to issue ad code for export of goods?

Sample Letter to Bank for Issue of Authorised Dealer (AD) Code With regard to export of goods, an organisation might require information on the AD code of their bank for registration with the Customs department for the export of those goods. Then they have to request their bank for providing information on the AD code of the bank.

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