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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a slateshot?

What's a SlateShot? SlateShots are seven-second video clips that bring headshots to life. Each photo can have its own SlateShot, so actors can match the look or tone of each photo. When a headshot is submitted, Casting can watch the attached SlateShot as well to see and hear what the actor really looks and sounds like.

What is an actor's slate?

An actor’s slate is usually the first moment that casting directors see them outside of their headshot or demo reel, so it’s an important opportunity to make an impression. You’ll soon be diving into someone else’s words, so think of the slate as a small moment to showcase your personality.

What should I include in a slate for an audition?

The exact information you provide in a slate will depend on what the casting team asks for, but often includes your name, height, and location. In theater, it’s common for an actor to mention what play their audition monologue is from. Voice actors may also be asked to slate before a voiceover audition.

What is slating in the acting industry?

Slating—the industry term for introducing yourself before an acting audition—is not an exact science. As an actor, you may be asked to slate in several different situations: at an in-person audition, or as part of your self-tape or virtual audition.

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