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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to help my kid with ADHD?

Use relaxation tapes as background noise for your child when falling asleep. There are many varieties available including nature sounds and calming music. Children with ADHD often find “white noise” to be calming. You can create white noise by putting a radio on static or running an electric fan.

What are the best sports for kids with ADHD?

Choose the right sport. Children with ADHD typically do better in certain sports than in others. “Individual or team sports like basketball and hockey that require constant motion are better options, as long as your child works well on a team,” says Pillarella.

What are some good toys for kids with ADHD?

Games with quick rounds are best for children with ADHD, Oppenheim says. The Toy Portfolio recommends Zingo ($20; which is like Bingo, but with pictures, and Hisss ($15; where players compete to put together snakes from head to tail by matching colors.

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