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Frequently Asked Questions

Will actdatascout Send Me Anything in the mail?

Neither nor the officials from the counties/parishes represented on the site will ever send you anything in the mail representing or using the name If you receive anything from this site in the mail, please contact our staff or the county official.

Where can I find property information for Arkansas counties? is the fastest and easiest way to access Arkansas county property information. From the convenience of your office or home you can research property sales histories, commercial and residential building descriptions, and legal descriptions.

What is datascoutpro?

DataScoutPro is typically one of the first tools we choose to help understand the property type, location and also to cross check information supplied by others. The tax payment history is also a great source. Because DataScoutPro is accessible anywhere, the website is a reliable data source if needed away from the office.

Why datascoutpro for Farmers Bank&Trust?

DataScoutPro has well-served Farmers Bank & Trust since 2011. We can search and obtain the information we need in a timely manner. We are also thankful that DataScoutPro continues to provide new data sets and expand its coverage area. My company has been using DataScoutPro for about three years and we have been very satisfied.

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