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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ACLP stand for?

Established as a nonprofit organization in 1982, the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) advances the field of child life by establishing and maintaining professional standards, enhancing the professional growth and development of members, and advancing the credibility of the child life profession by fostering research...

What are ACLP modules and how are they aligned?

ACLP modules are aligned to Skills Framework for Training and Adult Education sector’s Technical Skills and Competencies. For a complete list of ACLP modules and module overview, please click here.

Who is the governing body of the ACLP?

The governing body of the Academy is the ACLP Board of Directors, which oversees all efforts to pursue the mission […] You can search for Academy members who have agreed to be included in the public online member directory here. A list and roster of all ACLP committees and subcommittees.

What is the ACLP checkpoint?

The ACLP Checkpoint is conducted after completion of ACLP module 2 - Adopt Skills Framework for Professional Growth

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