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Frequently Asked Questions

Is HClO is the strongest acid?

HClO is an acid as is has the proton that it can donate but it is a weak acid because it is not one the acid amoung the list of the strong acids.

What is the name of HCl as an acid?

Hydrochloric or muriatic acid has the chemical formula HCl and is considered a strong acid. Because it is inexpensive and easy to obtain in sizable quantities, this substance is a mainstay in industry, academic laboratories and various other settings.

What is the name for aqueous HClO?

In aqueous solution, hypochlorous acid partially dissociates into the anion hypochlorite ClO − : Salts of hypochlorous acid are called hypochlorites. One of the best-known hypochlorites is NaClO, the active ingredient in bleach. HOCl is a stronger oxidant than chlorine under standard conditions. HClO reacts with HCl to form chlorine:

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