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Frequently Asked Questions

What is functional safety certification (FSC)?

The Certification Scheme for Persons FSC (functional Safety Certification) is a comprehensive scheme which provides the examination and certification of individuals seeking to demonstrate their knowledge and/or competence in their field of operation.

Why choose ANCC accreditation?

The ANCC Accreditation program recognizes the importance of high-quality continuing nursing education (CNE), interprofessional continuing education, transition to practice programs, and skills-based competency programs.

What is designs for health DSS certification program?

At Designs for Health, part of our mission is to advance the way education and technology support wellness for all. In our commitment to evidence-based education, we have created The Designs for Health Dietary Supplement Specialist TM (DSS) Certification Program.

What is an FSCP certification?

Employers must train and certify their functional safety employees to meet the demands of the business and standards. The FSCP confirms the individual as an expert in the Process industry and is a highly sought-after qualification.

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