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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Certified Specialist?

A certified peer specialist is an individual living in recovery with mental illness and/or substance use disorder or a family member who has been trained and certified by the Department of Behavioral Health to assist others in recovery and wellness. A certified peer specialist is a model for personal recovery...

What is a certified professional credentialing specialist?

A certified credentialing specialist--sometimes referred to as a Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist (CPCS)--is a type of health care worker. Credentialing specialists ensure that hospitals and other organizations within the health care industry are in compliance with accreditation standards and laws.

What is system certification and Accreditation?

Certification and Accreditation is a two-step process that ensures security of information systems. Certification is the process of evaluating, testing, and examining security controls that have been pre-determined based on the data type in an information system.

What is a certified clinical specialist?

A certified nurse specialist is also known as a clinical nurse specialist, and this is one of the advanced practice registered nursing (APRN) roles. Nurse specialists see patients and assess their condition. They may order tests, then use the test results and information from their assessment to diagnose patients.

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