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Frequently Asked Questions

What does accounts payable turnover tell you?

Accounts payable turnover is a measure of short-term liquidity. A higher value indicates that the business was able to repay its suppliers quickly. Thus higher value of accounts payable turnover is favorable.

How to calculate your accounts receivable turnover ratio?

How to calculate accounts receivable turnover Run an income statement. Your first step to calculating your accounts receivable turnover is to obtain your net sales for the year. Run a balance sheet. In order to complete the next step, which is calculating your average accounts receivable balance, you will need to run a balance sheet. Calculate your average accounts receivable balance. ... More items...

How does Accounts Receivable Turnover ratio affect a company?

How Does Accounts Receivable Turnover Affect a Company? Trapped Cash. Since accounts receivable represents money your company is owed for goods you've already delivered or services you've already performed, it really is your money -- you just can't ... Turnover Formula. Accounts receivable turnover measures how quickly you're collecting on outstanding A/R. ... More Turns. ... Interpretation. ...

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