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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does access corrections provide?

WHAT SERVICES DOES ACCESS CORRECTIONS PROVIDE? Beginning July 1, 2016, Access Corrections will provide depository services for all IDOC residents and payment services for all communitybased supervised individuals.- IDOC Residents: Access Corrections will accept deposits for resident trust accounts online, by phone,

How do you deposit money to an inmate?

Deposits for Inmates. The Sheriff's Office offers two ways to deposit funds into inmate's accounts. If you are at the Jail facility, you may deposit money into an inmate account by using the Canteen Kiosk which is conveniently located in the main lobby. The Kiosk accepts Cash or Credit.

How do you send money to an inmate?

The first way an inmate can get money for their commissary account is by working a job within the institution, usually for a menial pay. The second way is if the inmate has some sort of trust fund, inheritance, or legal settlement.

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