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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Açaí Bowl and pitaya Bowl?

The pitaya bowl shares the same beauty and Instagram-worthiness as the açaí bowl, along with many of the health benefits. Some people are loyal fans of the pitaya bowl, while others are more açaí bowl people.

Is açaí or pitaya a better way to start your day?

Either option you pick, you are kickstarting your day on a healthy foot. These bowls can be a great addition to your lifestyle, especially with the summer coming up! There is nothing better than a refreshing açaí or pitaya bowl to start your morning on a hot summer day.

Are acai bowls bad for You?

The answer is: It depends. “Acai bowls can pack a lot of calories, sugar, and even fat,” Werner says. “But the nutrition varies a lot based on where you get your acai bowl and how it’s made.” Take a look at the differences between a few popular chains and store-bought acai bowl options:

What is the best color of pitaya to eat?

Pitaya. There are many different species of pitaya because it is found in so many places. For the most part, pitaya with a deep pink/red/purple is used for pitaya bowls as it has more nutrients and is stronger in flavor. Like the açaí berry, pitaya is high in antioxidants, fiber and tons of vitamins.

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